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The new fleet
Primary Trainer!

There is currently no replacement for the fleet of aging primary trainers. The venerable Cessna 150/152 is becoming harder and harder to maintain with the cost of replacement parts tripling in the last 4 years. It is clear that current training fleet will be reach end of life in the next 15 years. The legacy manufactures all produce aircraft targeted for higher end markets, not the rigorous world of flight traing. None are producing the durable and economical trainer aircraft required by the small airport FBO's. Our Objective is to produce a replacement aircraft for the 150/152, which utilize current avionics and is also affordable for purchase by smaller FBO's. Target price range is $86,000


Seats: 2, Side by Side
Cruis: 110 kts
Endurance: 40px.5 Hours
Gross Wt: 1500 lbs
Category: Normal and Aerobatic

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